Gates Collision Warranty

Nationwide Lifetime Warranty

We guarantee our workmanship.

Gates Collision Centers provides you with the GCC Lifetime Nationwide Limited Warranty on repairs. This Limited Warranty is valid for as long as you own your repaired vehicle. Our warranty provides you the “peace-of-mind” that your repairs were done right the first time.

Quality Interior Cleaning: We thoroughly clean the interior and exterior of your vehicle on site, providing the opportunity to control quality throughout the entire repair process.

Quality Inspections: An important part of the repair process at Gates Collision Centers involves the meticulous examinations of the repaired area by our highly trained staff. Our professional staff perform the critical final check. We take pride in delivering a clean vehicle with a like-new finish.

At Gates Collision Centers we stand behind our repairs. We warranty our workmanship for as long as you own your vehicle because we believe in the reliability of our repairs . If you have any warranty concerns, please contact the manager at the location that your vehicle was repaired at immediately.



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